Welcome, Nice to Meet you my name is Carroll..

Nice to meet you my name is Carroll and I love growing delicious fruits and vegetables in my garden and taking care of animals at the farm. I want to dedicate this blog to promoting the benefits of supporting your local farmers and the robust health and vitality you will experience as a result.

I have not always been a farm girl, in fact I was actually born in NYC in a big family of 8, I was the second youngest and I grew up always ill and coming down with various flue and allergies. You will not believe how sick I was as a kid and I was even lactose intolerant! Now I drink multiple quarts of raw milk everyday! And no problems! more on this later.

Today, I am healthy all year around and never get sick. I have a strong vital body that is full of muscle and immunity strength. I can out jog and out work most 20 year olds (10 years younger than me), and I know this because I do Tri-Athalon and I whip 20 years old butts!

Not because I’m genetically better by any means, remember I was a sick and frail child once. I became stronger after taking full responsibility for my health, researching a lot about health and finally committed to sourcing my own foods that will heal and rebuild my body.

My quest has led me to raw diary as the primary answer to re-establishing health and in my case, it was to reboot my system after it had been compromised as a child due to soy baby formula, wheat & grains among other things.

Follow my discussion of health, raw milk and other interesting stories about everyday life on the farm!

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