Attended my friend’s Cheese Making Class


Right here in Whitmore, MI we have some of the best unpasteurized milk in Michigan. My friend Ruth was having a cheese making class past Saturday which I attended and learned about delicious ways to make cheese. It was a great learning experience and so much fun as well.

I got to meet several new people, most everyone was from out of town from various different places including Westland, Novi, Plymouth, Northville among other wonderful cities of Michigan.

Some were electrical engineers, accountants, brand new nurses and one gentleman was a limousine owner and did limo rental runs on the weekend as a hobby, while he worked at GM full time.

So as you can see very interesting group of people gathered and we had a blast learning about the ancient art of cheese making from raw milk. Our teacher, and my close friend Ruth was on top of it, citing different scientific texts and political texts that has to do with raw milk and how superior it is to store bought milk.

I had no idea that raw milk was illegal to sell in many states and there is control being put on this stuff. It was eye opening to see that you cannot buy raw milk in Michigan, you have to own a share of an animal and you are able to have your own raw milk from that animal but you technically cannot buy any raw milk.

What a truly upside down concept that is! Milk is the most fundamental thing for life and nurturing and it is banned! In a state even Marijuana is becoming legalized, it is a bit ridiculous to see that raw milk selling is banned.

Anyway the day was filled with learning and it was nice to have conversation with other health conscious people because I have passion in nutrition for a long time.

I got to meet some cool people like the limo owner from Rochester Hills, Apparently he has been running the limo business for over 25 years on the side and he put his kids through college that way, it was an inspirational story. And now he is learning about the power of raw milk because his wife was sick, so truly toughing man that you could tell had a great heart. He must do really good limo service and next time I need a limo in Oakland I’ll be sure to give him a call, if you are in the area I would highly recommend checking out his limo site.


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