Why Raw Milk is Good for you


Hi my name is Carrol and I am a big proponent of Raw Dairy products.

Let me explain how I came to know about the power of raw milk. 10 years ago I was very sick and weakly, at the time I was diagnosed with Fibrmyologia which I do not wish any mortal being to ever go through.

Back then I didn’t have enough energy to even get out of bed. The whole body was ridden with aches and pains and I felt like my body was concrete, heavy and immovable. I went around in Wheel chairs to doctors after doctors that gave me powerful medication including morphine. These drugs gave me temporarily relief but with nasty intoxicated like side effects, I couldn’t think straight and i was in constant state of daze and haze, sometimes I couldn’t even remember where I was or who I was.

It was a scary time in my life and I had thoughts of ending it all. Just remember those times is too real and it makes me shudder in fear. I thought I was eating healthy, the standard American diet but I thought I was being healthy by eating the fruits and vegetables and cutting out all saturated fat.

In moments of desperation I tried all kinds of diet you can think of. From Raw Food, vegan to various fasts including 14 day water fasts. They all had effects on the body and the fasts seems to help but nothing would quite take out the pain and each time I did the fast I felt weaker and weaker, in hindsight my body was dieing from mal-nutrition.

Imagine that, in the 21st century living in the US,, where we are suppose to have access to the great food supply, technology and health care system and my body was dieing because of lack of nutrition. Something is seriously wrong with this picture.

Then one day, I was at the local farmer’s garden looking for fresh vegetables to make some vegetable juices out of, I over heard two farmers talking about raw dairy shares where they gave one of their friend raw milk and it cured her from her bed ridden state.

I stalked these two gentlemen down and demanded to tell me more. They basically told me that raw diary is illegal to sell in Michigan but they care give me milk shares where I sign a lease to own a goat or cow so it officially becomes mine and then I get to source raw milk from it.

They told me that the raw diary has every amino acid, healthy fats, probiotics and healthy immune system boosting bacteria that the body needs, and that it has the ability to cure various illness like candida and what do you know it Fibromyalgia

I first sip of raw dairy I still remember to this day, I felt relaxing sensation all through out the body like this was the thing my body was craving for. and week later the pain was greatly reduced. Fast forward 1-2 month later and I was walking again. I was gaining muscle mass without working out and I was returning to the body shape in my teens and early 20’s. The raw milk was rebuilding my entire body from ground up and I’m here today alive, joyful, and healthy as an ox to tell you that raw dairy is one of the greatest foods on planet earth.

-Raw Milk Lover, signing out

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