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Clearing trees and making space for the new


During summer time I take the time to begin making new arrangement at our farm, this year we have several old overgrown oak trees in the yard so we have decided to trim them and cut some of the over grown branches. At first I took on this project myself with a manual saw, I thought not problem but then after few branches I realized this was going to take me several month to finish. Time I couldn’t afford to spend especially because I have many dwarf goats that need to get milked not to mention my garden is no where near where its suppose to be so there’s still a lot of prep work I have to do.

I decided to call a tree care company the owner whom I met several weeks ago at farmer’s market. He has an operation in several Oakland County cities, the main website on his business card was

Again this is why it pays to do business with somebody you know because he came out the very next day with crew of 3 and he finished the job for me real quick. While I sat back and did my gardening. i was blown away at how fast everything was finished and things got cleared away so there was no mess afterwards.

If you have never used tree service company before, after this experience I actually highly recommend it because they are so very quick to give clients with big time savings in money and time. I mean you should see much much faster their professional chainsaws cut through trees than my saw that I was using. It was cutting through the big branches like butter!

Speaking of which, few days ago I made some homemade butter and boy was it delicious. It makes a huge difference when you actually use grass-fed goat or cow milk to make the butter, it turns much more yellow in color and the taste is just marvelous.

We know that there is nutrients because you feel much better afterwards and I have read various articles stating that darker yellow represents higher vitamin content specifically vitamin A and K2.

Vitamin K2 is a new type of vitamin that was discovered and it has the ability to transport calcium into bones and teeth. I have found that there’s few things that’s required for strong bone and teeth. Vitamin D, A & K2. When these vitamins are present in our system, our bones seem to get stronger and even cavities can be reversed.

I am all about reaching the absolute best health and I sometimes will spend great deal of time in my research and money trying various projects and in all my studies I have found Vitamin K2 to be most interesting. More on this in upcoming blogs.

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Great Attitude for Successful Farming


What does Farming teach us about life and relationship? More than you can image. When a farmer tills his soils in preparation for the seeds to take root and yield food. It really is a metaphor for our individual life as we also develop and mature overtime, going through many transitional phases of life where we put one foot after the other and we make sure that we are always on top of our game.

Because life is really about progress. it is about getting to the next stage in life where we become greater than our past, such as developing successful habits that lead to wealth and success. I refuse to go backwards in life. I refuse to become average. I will become a top produer. I must become wealthy so that I can help other people. I must become successful so that i can live at the highest level and produce massive amounts of value for other people. I will get haters along the way but I will also get admirers along the way.I must become that one reason why people will say wow that guy is a winner in life. I must overcome all the limitation and become the winner I was destined to become.

What is my potential? I am beginning to ask my self this question everyday now. You see everyone talks about how great their life will be and how they have goals and vision of something or someone, but until you have the vision to become the very best in this field, there will always be problems, so why not get big problems in stead

Some examples of massive problems.

Too many clients to serve

Making too much money

I will become extremely successful in life and business but I will never lose my soul along the way. I want to become successful because I want to prove to myself that everything is possible and I want others to see that I am someone that is known for work ethic and more.

As a farmer I think I always had a great work ethic, but my problem was I never thought big enough. I never though about expanding and becoming a big time operation.

So now I am refocusing my focus and going towards my dream of having the most ideal, biggest farm that makes amazing produce and raw milk for people. Sky is the limit