Monthly Archives: December 2016

Gardening in the future


We live in a time that is very crucial to the survival of the planet. Climate change is a very big problem and we must do everything we can to try to reverse its effects. Luckily, as gardeners we are already at the forefront of the movement just by utilizing our passion. We are the people that enjoy the land so much that we are actually helping the earth replenish itself.

Plants provide food for a number of species and provide oxygen to everyone, which means that in the future, we should pay more attention to how we are gardening and making sure that the things we are doing are good for the environment. In essence gardening by itself isn’t enough. We must also look at how much water we are using and the methods for planting to make sure that we are not harming other parts of the ecosystem with what we are doing.

It’s a tough job

It is tough as a gardener to be expected to do even more for the environment isn’t it? We already plant the food that people eat and provide oxygen for every living thing in range of our garden, so why should we be the ones that pay attention to practices to make sure that in the future we still have a planet to live on? The answer is because we care. Check back here for tips on organic gardening and a growing guide on how to make your garden more efficient.