About Carroll The Garden Chick

My name is Carroll and I own a small farm with my husband Jerry right here in Whitmore, Michigan.

We raise grass fed cows and goats, and produce delicious raw milk for neighboring families and recently opened up access for other people to own a share with us so that they too can get raw milk.

I can talk for days about the health benefit of our raw milk, especially from animals that are cared for and loved. They are raised with great attention and care, and feed on naturally growing plants on pasture. We take great pride in our animals and keep them very healthy by getting them natural sunshine and plenty of fresh growing grass land as possible. In the winter time they are given alfalfa green and never EVER fed grains or soy.

We also make cheese, yogurt and kefir with our raw milk which is quite delicious and extremely nutritious. Our goal is to raise awareness about the wonderful benefit of raw milk and supply more families with us and get them extremely healthy!

On this blog you will hear me talk about the day to day life of being a family oriented farmer and loves the life, I am a straight up farm person and cannot imagine living in the city! I love my animals too much and I also grow the most wonderful vegetables you have ever seen.

So come visit us anytime, you can reach us at carrollgardens10@gmail.com and ask us about getting a animal lease so you too can gain access to raw dairy which will make you stronger than you ever though possible. It truly is one of the wonderful foods that has been lost from our modern diet today.

And what a great shame that is, especially considering the alternative out there which most people consider as milk is so far from what true milk is supposed to be, it s incredibly mind boggling when you step back and look at the research behind it all.

My intention for this blog is to spread awareness about all of this so that more people go out and support their local farmers!

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