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Gardening in the future


We live in a time that is very crucial to the survival of the planet. Climate change is a very big problem and we must do everything we can to try to reverse its effects. Luckily, as gardeners we are already at the forefront of the movement just by utilizing our passion. We are the people that enjoy the land so much that we are actually helping the earth replenish itself.

Plants provide food for a number of species and provide oxygen to everyone, which means that in the future, we should pay more attention to how we are gardening and making sure that the things we are doing are good for the environment. In essence gardening by itself isn’t enough. We must also look at how much water we are using and the methods for planting to make sure that we are not harming other parts of the ecosystem with what we are doing.

It’s a tough job

It is tough as a gardener to be expected to do even more for the environment isn’t it? We already plant the food that people eat and provide oxygen for every living thing in range of our garden, so why should we be the ones that pay attention to practices to make sure that in the future we still have a planet to live on? The answer is because we care. Check back here for tips on organic gardening and a growing guide on how to make your garden more efficient.

Great Attitude for Successful Farming


What does Farming teach us about life and relationship? More than you can image. When a farmer tills his soils in preparation for the seeds to take root and yield food. It really is a metaphor for our individual life as we also develop and mature overtime, going through many transitional phases of life where we put one foot after the other and we make sure that we are always on top of our game.

Because life is really about progress. it is about getting to the next stage in life where we become greater than our past, such as developing successful habits that lead to wealth and success. I refuse to go backwards in life. I refuse to become average. I will become a top produer. I must become wealthy so that I can help other people. I must become successful so that i can live at the highest level and produce massive amounts of value for other people. I will get haters along the way but I will also get admirers along the way.I must become that one reason why people will say wow that guy is a winner in life. I must overcome all the limitation and become the winner I was destined to become.

What is my potential? I am beginning to ask my self this question everyday now. You see everyone talks about how great their life will be and how they have goals and vision of something or someone, but until you have the vision to become the very best in this field, there will always be problems, so why not get big problems in stead

Some examples of massive problems.

Too many clients to serve

Making too much money

I will become extremely successful in life and business but I will never lose my soul along the way. I want to become successful because I want to prove to myself that everything is possible and I want others to see that I am someone that is known for work ethic and more.

As a farmer I think I always had a great work ethic, but my problem was I never thought big enough. I never though about expanding and becoming a big time operation.

So now I am refocusing my focus and going towards my dream of having the most ideal, biggest farm that makes amazing produce and raw milk for people. Sky is the limit


Attended my friend’s Cheese Making Class


Right here in Whitmore, MI we have some of the best unpasteurized milk in Michigan. My friend Ruth was having a cheese making class past Saturday which I attended and learned about delicious ways to make cheese. It was a great learning experience and so much fun as well.

I got to meet several new people, most everyone was from out of town from various different places including Westland, Novi, Plymouth, Northville among other wonderful cities of Michigan.

Some were electrical engineers, accountants, brand new nurses and one gentleman was a limousine owner and did limo rental runs on the weekend as a hobby, while he worked at GM full time.

So as you can see very interesting group of people gathered and we had a blast learning about the ancient art of cheese making from raw milk. Our teacher, and my close friend Ruth was on top of it, citing different scientific texts and political texts that has to do with raw milk and how superior it is to store bought milk.

I had no idea that raw milk was illegal to sell in many states and there is control being put on this stuff. It was eye opening to see that you cannot buy raw milk in Michigan, you have to own a share of an animal and you are able to have your own raw milk from that animal but you technically cannot buy any raw milk.

What a truly upside down concept that is! Milk is the most fundamental thing for life and nurturing and it is banned! In a state even Marijuana is becoming legalized, it is a bit ridiculous to see that raw milk selling is banned.

Anyway the day was filled with learning and it was nice to have conversation with other health conscious people because I have passion in nutrition for a long time.

I got to meet some cool people like the limo owner from Rochester Hills, Apparently he has been running the limo business for over 25 years on the side and he put his kids through college that way, it was an inspirational story. And now he is learning about the power of raw milk because his wife was sick, so truly toughing man that you could tell had a great heart. He must do really good limo service and next time I need a limo in Oakland I’ll be sure to give him a call, if you are in the area I would highly recommend checking out his limo site.


Welcome, Nice to Meet you my name is Carroll..

Nice to meet you my name is Carroll and I love growing delicious fruits and vegetables in my garden and taking care of animals at the farm. I want to dedicate this blog to promoting the benefits of supporting your local farmers and the robust health and vitality you will experience as a result.

I have not always been a farm girl, in fact I was actually born in NYC in a big family of 8, I was the second youngest and I grew up always ill and coming down with various flue and allergies. You will not believe how sick I was as a kid and I was even lactose intolerant! Now I drink multiple quarts of raw milk everyday! And no problems! more on this later.

Today, I am healthy all year around and never get sick. I have a strong vital body that is full of muscle and immunity strength. I can out jog and out work most 20 year olds (10 years younger than me), and I know this because I do Tri-Athalon and I whip 20 years old butts!

Not because I’m genetically better by any means, remember I was a sick and frail child once. I became stronger after taking full responsibility for my health, researching a lot about health and finally committed to sourcing my own foods that will heal and rebuild my body.

My quest has led me to raw diary as the primary answer to re-establishing health and in my case, it was to reboot my system after it had been compromised as a child due to soy baby formula, wheat & grains among other things.

Follow my discussion of health, raw milk and other interesting stories about everyday life on the farm!

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